Wednesday, 30 June 2010

mixtape - here come da drumz

So we have a little respite before tha Q/F action begins in the mondiale, huge disapointment for me with both england and japan going out can't see brasil losing it now, anyway time to share a new mixtape.....As it says on the tin peeps, it's all 'bout da drumz!...Njoy!

Friday, 25 June 2010


What a great result last night in the world cup for the Nihonese!....Honda? he was more like a rolls royce. Who would have thought they would qualify from that tuff group!....In celebration a track from Jah Wobble & The Nippon Dub Ensemble, released in april on his 30hertz record label...The album also features alongside JW are: Joji Hirota (vocals, taiko drums), Keiko Kitamura (vocals, shamisen, koto), Clive Bell (shakahatchi) and Robin Thompson (hikaritchi, sho, shamisen) as the Nippon Dub Ensemble.Droppin' the track K dub 05....Ganbare Nippon!


1 Shinto Dub (4:39)
2 Cherry Blossom Of My Youth (4:14)
3 Kokiriko (2:58)
4 K Dub 04 (2:18)
5 K Dub 05 (3:19)
6 Hokkai Bon Uta (3:21)
7 Ma (5:59)
8 Taiko Dub (3:01)
9 Mishima / Kurosawa (6:01)
10 K Dub 10 (2:39)
11 K Dub 11 (1:59

Thursday, 24 June 2010

The guys over at echodub label & collective have a second in a series of compilations that they have lovingly put together to highlight some of the artists they love from the Net Label.
They`re all about deep, dubbed-out, pulsating grooves and all that falls around the fringes of this pseudo dubstep, dub-techno, electronic sub-genre, so if that gets your juices running then download it's completely free. All 13 tracks of it!

El Rakkas & DFRNT - EDUB009 preview by Echodub

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Nothing' else

Is the second artist album from Flying Lotus`s Brainfeeder imprint and is a deep, deep, dark and uncompromising suite of music, that needs your attention. The only Brainfeeder artist to neither come from or ever to have lived in LA, Lorn has already developed an international following for his music. Now, with “Nothing Else” the musician and artist reveals his debut full length. Epic, melancholic and brutal, it’s a record which the listener has to be prepared to immerse themselves in. The rewards make it worth the effort. Through the soundtrack sweep and military momentum of “Army of Fear,” the discombobulated atmospherics of “Bretagne,” the sheer brute force of the bass on “Automaton,” the acid-fried detailing on “Voids” 1 and 2, the woozy migraine-simulacra of “Tomorrow,” the off-centre melodic catchiness of “Glass & Silver” and “Cherry Moon,” the deconstructed electro of “Greatest Silence” and on to the utterly uncompromising conclusion of “What’s The Use,” where an underwater hip hop break smashes up against Hammond and the ghost of a human voice, this is a record which feels like its been hewn from stone. Albeit electronic stone. A remarkable, transcendent achievement, no one who knows anything about him is going to claim that Lorn’s life has been easy and nor is his music.
Instead it’s raw, emotional, angry, beautiful and real.
Here we check out his dramatic dubby tune called “None An Island”...Njoy!


Check out the Album Mix;

2.None an Island

3.Army of Fear



6.Void I
7.Void II


9.Glass & Silver

10.Cherry Moon
11.Greatest Silence

12.What's the Use

Saturday, 19 June 2010

House Of Afreaka Vol II

A great mix to share comes courtesy of DJUMB of Generation Bass as he explores the DeeeeeP side of South African House muzik and includes some of the current big boyz, Black Coffee & Culoe De Song.

He says of the mix...
This one I dedicate to those boyz who partly inspired it:
ENZO, aka ERNEST aka “THE CEO OF THE STREETS” and THABANG aka THA EYE and our trusted driver and now brother, Proff. It is also dedicated to all my SA brothers and sisters. Keep moving forward, your forgiveness is awe-inspiring!
In a way, this mix also mirrors some of my emotional journey in SA!
People always say that “you feel a thing” that people who go to South Africa say one can feel?
The mystery that enters into your soul about that place where man was born?
It’s a sacred place down there!“This is the DeeeeP SoutH SessionS!”

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ride The Riddim..

Big tune dis!....The man MJ.Cole, the purveyor of exquisite late 9T's 2Step UK garage anthems comes correct with a new offering on his label Prolific...The 4 track 'Riddim EP' is a quartet of stripped-down tropical carnival party rhythms with the afro-latin influenced lead track 'Volcano Riddim', being the stand out tune for us with it's dark orchestral strings and synth stabs, a party tune for the last night of the proms. Apparently some of these tracks may appear later in the year with added vocal power....Heavy duty!


Buy from Juno/Beatport/iTunes

Check out his exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

'Gimme That Funk' # 19

'Uphill Peace Of Mind' Lifted from the 1976 LPG released LP 'Music...Music', Lloyd Price's cover of an earlier version by Frederick Knight. There's a bunch of other versions including Kid Dynamite's which was sampled on 'Shakiyla' by the Poor Righteous Brothers in '91. The UK's Carol Grimes and a great slow disco cover by Yvonne Elliman...But we like this version....Njoy!


Sunday, 13 June 2010

African Queen`s

The Queens:
Hilda Tloubatla (lead singer), Emily Zwane, Thandi Nkosi, Thandi Radebe, Beatrice Ngcobo, Caroline Kapentar, Zelda Malgas, and Maggie Khumalo

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Indian Girl!

Alexis K remix of Dominic Owen`s Indian Girl from his first EP under alter ego “The Love Theme”on Permanent Damage Records...Beautifully crafted with sublime reworking of the vocals. One for those chill summer cookouts!..check out the other remixes here..

Friday, 11 June 2010

So it's kick off time in South Africa today and Afro inspired sounds will dominate the soundscape nearly everywhere around the globe....We are kicking off the event in our own style with the debut 7" single from Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra dropping in March on FirstWord records 'Crosstown Traffic' delivers a firing afrobeat cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic, this is instant dancefloor damage material and great for celebrating your teams victories...good luck to all the counties involved.....C'mon Eng-land!

1.Crosstown Traffic
2.Lost in Kinshasa (45 edit)
3.Lost in Kinshasa (full version)


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bloodclart Bass!

Subbass driven funky socafied rhythms from Mario, he dropped some new remixes in April, but we are still digging the original flava from last year.....Now play that bloodclart bass!


Track 1
Track 2

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Copa do mondo

So just 10 days to go to the greatest show on earth and the anticipation felt around the world is gathering excitement by the hour...As readers will know we at mt@o are avid followers of the beautiful game...or as our friends in the US would say 'what that game with 22 grown men kicking a ball around'...yes my dear cousins that game which is truly GLOBAL and brings people together like no other. Now for the tunes to go with, Next Stop Soweto Vol.2 is the second in STRUTrecords three-part compilation series showcasing ‘underground’ South African music of the 60's and 70's. Thanks to several years of painstaking research and vinyl archaeology by compilers Duncan Brooker and Francis Gooding they've uncovered some rare gems of SA soul, funk, R&B and psych sounds from a time when these unknown musicians plied their trade under an oppressive apartheid regime during the years before the tumultuous Soweto uprising of 1976...We're dropping 2 tracks from the comp a quality funky groover from the Soul Throbs with a track called 'Little Girl' and some uptempo boogie bizniz from The Heroes with 'Come With Me', just wish the tracks were longer, re-edits anyone?... An overall amazing collection of obscure South African music....An essential purchase to enjoy head-nodding during those half-time brakes,