Sunday, 3 August 2008

"The Way Of The Dub" Vol.1

A recent Mix i did for my friend Jez`s music blog, go over there and get it while you can (its deleted there now), so download it from the links below....It was a joy to make and very pleased that Jez thought it worthy to host on his wonderful site.

sine of the dub - kode9 & space ape
don’t test wu stallion - suga bang bang
jehova - rusko
dis ya one - more rockers
push push(original version) - original rockers
reverted - cari lekebrusch
one million man dub - mad professor & jah shaka
400 years - jimpster remix
dancehall operator - transglobal underground
smiley - skream
om namah sivaya - apache indian
peace in de ghetto - johnny clarke

1 comment:

gelliddewi said...

So this was your mix? Fantastic!! One of my all time faves. Just downloading the others - oh joy!