Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Just Groove!

After a little interruption in space & time, we`re back in the groove.

And this post is dedicated to my man down TKO way YAMASAN who`s moving into a new positive direction for his life........respex bro`

Lifted from his Capitol Records 1978 LP "New Warrior" but also released as a 7" promo..."groove, (aint no doubt about it)" is one of those tunes that used to rock the old london warehouse parties in the 8T`s..
As well as Keyboardist Lyle the LP was produced by Wayne Henderson and included a top A-list of players - Harvey Mason, Sunship, Paulinho Da Costa, Roland Bautista, Joe Blocker, Nathaniel Philips, David T. Walker and Michael Boddicker, plus background vocals by Ron Banks, Gregory Matta, Augie Johnson, Jim Gilstrap, Vance Tenort, Alexandra Brown, Angela Winbush, Martinette Jenkins and Stephanie Spruill...Pheww!

Bobby Lyle - groove (ain`t no doubt about it)

"New Warrior,
reflect on the past, acknowledge the present and move forward with faith, helping to create tomorrow - that your song may be both a balm to a troubled world, and an inspiration to future warriors who will inherit your legacy."

Thursday, 17 September 2009

After The Party!

The second choice porky prime cut this week and a second track from Connaisseur, is from Pol_On, called the "Omorp EP", on Outils Du Connaisseur. Pol_On are a project by Warsaw keyboard player DJ Mike P and Katowice Academy Of Jazz graduate and respected Jazz musician Kacper Bogacz. Their musical spectrum is present and wide, but always digs in and nods to the past. "After The Party" demonstrates Pol_On’s musical talent best. A smooth and timeless Jazzy House-cut with faultless live instrumentation. Once you hear the sax, it will stay in your head for ages…Double niceeee!!

A1 - After the party (6:24min)
A2 - Omorp (6:19min)
B - Omorp (catz n dogz first minute rmx) (7:07min)

Available from beatport/kompakt

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Big Shot Dub

A couple of fresh porky prime choice cuts for you this week, courtesy of the connaisseur recordings label outta Offenbach, Germany, Coming down the pipe via Beatport
First up is Brendon Moeller and his "Big Shot EP".
Big Shot dub features broken, almost dubstep-like beats, sub-basses and spacey atmospheres with quality high-level timbre rocking the spot....Niceeee!

a1: big shot dub (7:10min)
a2: the boost (7:45min)
b1: big shot (7:08min)
b2: the urge (7:34min)

Available from beatport/kompakt

Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Lee Perry Interview

No not an exclusive for mytea@om, that would be nice! maybe one day who knows...The Man himself chatting `bout himself as always....enjoy!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

United 8

No it`s not the number of goals that an opposing team will score against my beloved football club later today, but a cracking tune from 1972 given a well deserved re-press by Atlantic in 2004. "getting uptown (to get down)" is the kind of tune that you just can`t keep still when the ole plug-holes hear these vibes. With the shakers, tambourine, horns, guitar, drums all mashing together in one fine damn funky groove....enjoy!

United 8 - getting uptown (to get down)

A.Ain't It Good (3:05)
B./Plug Side. Getting Uptown (To Get Down) (2:44)

Friday, 11 September 2009

The Elephant In The Room!

As we`ve reached the 8th anniversary of the 21st century’s most defining event so far, something to ponder from a couple of years ago but still relevent today.

The Elephant in the Room is a documentary following British filmmaker Dean Puckett through his journey into the 9/11 Truth Movement: a global movement of ‘alternative thinkers’ who believe that the official explanation about what happened on 9/11 is totally or partially inaccurate.

(The majority of the 9/11 Commission members have now publicly gone on record to express their conviction that the Bush government agreed to lie about the official story.)

The filmmakers travel from middle England, across Europe and to New York for the six year anniversary of the attacks, where the film takes one final twist as we are introduced to the 9/11 first responders who are suffering from various grave health difficulties due to the toxic dust that they breathed in trying to help their country during the weeks after this tragic event.

Told with a personal hands on approach that avoids advancing any one position, the film asks the question: are these crazy conspiracy thinkers? Or is 9/11 Truth a credible political movement?

You decide!!

Also available in 10 parts on YouTube

Conspiracy theory or hidden truth? The 9/11 enigmas..

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

"Gimme That Funk" # 17

Arguably one of the finest funk classics , The Eddy Jacobs Exchange "Pull My Coat", released on Columbia in `69 and later given a re-rinse on the Jazzman label, is a hard-groovin` drum snapping, JB`s styled number that has been smashing the underground funk & hip-hop scenes for years before 7" singles first started changing hands for silly money on t`interweb! (original copies going @ $125 large ones).....Enjoy!  

The Eddy Jacobs Exchange - pull my coat

A. Pull My Coat (2:45)
B. Black Is Black (2:37)


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Widedubz - Fire In The Dance

Something fresh for the weekend...A recent discovery i made from a multi talented DJ/Producer/Film Maker/Synth player from the UK named Dj Bustawidemove is this rocking little skanking (as yet un-released) number called "fire in the dance" (check out his myspace page for more quality tunes)

Originating outta the East-Side of London, Bustawidemove has been djing and producing music for over 10 years. Coming from a DJ/Sound System background. He cut his teeth DJing "Jungle" in the mid 90's with ledgendary sound systems Exodus and Headfuck. Being a big fan of the UK steppers scene he put aside his jungle selection and turned to Reggae, regularly playing at Reggae Roast parties in London. He`s also a member of the Live band Step 13.
Keep an eye on this guy cause there`s "big tings a gwan" from him in the future.

Busta has kindly allowed me to offer up the un-released tune here for y`all, so grab it while you can....respex my man!

Fire In The Dance download

He has been busy in the studio recently and is finally ready to step out with his own label wide dubz recordings . The first release "Soul soundmurder" featuring vocals from Lucy Randell (The Streets) is released on Monday 7th September from all good digital outlets....Already getting airplay on Radio 1/1Xtra in the UK.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Funky Flute

Coming on the flipside of Timothy McNearly`s own SHAWN label track "Funky Movement No.2". The Laid back flutey funk of "Sagittarius Black" is in my humble mind so much better. The intro flutey swells helps the drum beat kick in while the wah wah and the piano electric keeps it chugging along...So simple so nice! Given a 2008 re-issue on US funky label Truth & Soul

Timothy McNearly - sagittarius black

1.Funky Movement No.2 (2:24)
2.Sagittarius Black (2:24)
Shawn 0157