Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Terry Callier R.I.P.

 May 24, 1945 – October 28, 2012

Very sad this week that we learn of the passing of the great Chicago singer/songwriter Terry Callier, on Saturday 27th, in hospital with his family in at the age of 67.

Check out his 2 hour fireside chat with RedBullMusicAcademy

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Close To You

A whole 8 track FREE set from New York City's Wolf+Lamb Go grab it!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let’s Make It Deeper

Looking forward to this debut LP from young house music upstart from Suffolk,UK. Gerry Read who's quietly been building a reputation for himself with his deep damaged take on the genre...Available from Fourth Wave a sub-label of RAMPrecordings on November 13th entitled "Jummy" with 13 original tracks,  if this jazzy sub-bass driven groove is anything to go by should be worth the wait!!!


1. Four Miles 
2. Evidence 
3. Give Myself To You 
4. Be Pushin (She) 
5. Moving Forward 
6. Crawl 
7. Idiot 
8. Turn 
9. Purple Fire 
10. Gibbon 
11. Let’s Make It Deeper 
12. Make A Move 
13. Sidecar

Saturday, 13 October 2012


One of the greatest electronic music producers of all time is back with a brand new album 'KU:PALM' due for release at the end of October. His 5th and 1st LP since 2007's collection 'Form & Function Vol. 2' as Photek himself says, The new set blends through different styles and sounds, including cinematic scores, ambient electronica and dub inflicted house. He's offered up the track 'Pyramid' as a free promo download and the album is available for pre-order from his site....Get on It!!!

1. Signals 
2. Quadrant 
3. Aviator 
4. Pyramid 
5. Shape Charge 
6. Munich 
7. Quevedo 
8. Mistral 
9. Oshun 
10. Sleepwalking Feat. Linche 
11. One Of A Kind 
12. This Love Feat. Ray La Montagne