Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It`s All An Illusion!

A very interesting and thought provoking presentation by a simple and humble London carpenter...It relates to the UK, but it is also relevent to most countries around the globe....Not going to spoil any more, but this simply is,

only in english..


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Life is but a dream

Friday, 24 July 2009

Aint No Sunshine!!

Still f**king wet & windy round these parts....but here`s some QuaLiTy from MarchMelloW, doubt Bill Withers would appreciate it!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Funky Film Soundtracks #4

As we have been delving into the funky soundtracks of 7T's
blaxploitation movies on here, word reaches mytea@om that the UK's Soul Jazz records massive will soon release a double CD/vinyl compilation titled Can You Dig it? "The Music and Politics of Black Action Films 1969-75" . Will post something about it later, but here we continue with the classic kung-fu movie starring bad-boy Jim 'Enter The Dragon' Kelly and Gloria Hendry.

This soundtrack is really one you should try and obtain a copy of, It has loads of amazing dialogue and fight sound effects woven into the funky instrumentals - The killer main theme track featured here with the sound effects version that always brings a smile to my face. A perfect soundtrack in my opinon!

Dennis Coffey The funky guitar genius composed and conducted the soundtrack alongside Luchi De Jesus. Originally released on the Weintraub-Heller label 1974.

Main Theme.

Main Theme (version 2) with the fight effects.

1. Main Theme
2. Sydney's Theme
3. Opening Theme
4. Main Theme (version 2)
5. At The Beach
6. Symphony for Jones: (Warehouse Battle/Pinky/Collectors Theme/
Drug Monkey/Wrong Answer)
7. Drama
8. Mafia Theme (Drama Part 2)
9. Love Theme
10. Battle Theme
11. Dragon Style
12. Sexy (Love Theme Part 2)
13. Mr Jones
14. Excerpts: (Don't Stop/One Two (Dialogue)/Come on In (Dialogue)/Papa Bird/ Turn Her Out/The Money Pinky/Stay/Double Cross)
15. Super Slick (Get Pinky)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

"The Way Of The Dub" Vol.5

So here we are at the 05 installment of The TWOTD skanking sessions, it continues starting and finishing with the angelic tones of the Iration Steppas & Loop Guru and mixing it up with some Rhythm & Sound deepness, Digital Mystikz dubstep, Jah Warrior`s horns, Ranking Joe, ZionTrain hailing the selectors , a Sleng Teng Riddem & the man like Gregory.

life, love & unity.....enjoy!!

angelic symphony dub – iration steppas
dem never know (sleeparchive remix) – rhythm & sound feat jah cotton
why can`t we be friends – the dub project feat big youth
anti war dub – digital mystikz feat spen g
rocker 2000 (dreadzone remix) – sergeant steppas
naff na na dub – hi-fi killers
tabu riddim – 2 bad card
hornsman skank – jah warrior
dust out a sound boy (ring the alarm version)– super beagle
sheperds bush – ranking joe
hail the selector (dubhead mix) – zion train
good sensimilla (sleng teng riddim)- kenny knots & bush chemists
material man - gregory isaacs
aphrodite`s shoe - loop guru

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Is this love

And to finish off our week of dubstep, the Lojik remix from getset records and forthcoming outta the US...an abSOULutley beautiful remix of the Bob Marley classic....hope you`ve enjoy listening to the tracks i`ve selected for the week.
A musical genre that`s sure to continue to grow and influence dancefloors worldwide....bless it up!

Is This Love (Lojik Remix)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


This here tune outta London from dj/producer Kromestar released on Fantastic 3 Recordings.....Its been doing the rounds on test press for nearly a year. With its bright horns riding the groove throughout inna old school stylee, "BloodClart" displays a proper skankable riddim that`s blowing up enuff dances....Love it!
(Rumour has it that this producer will stop making 12" records...but i can`t believe it)


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rise Up Special.

Following on from the "Rise Up" remixes from bristol dub artists Henry & Louis & record label 2kings, Mary Anne Hoobs a BBC1 radio dj has been down to the city to find out what`s happening with the dubstep scene there!

Check out Mary Anne Hobbs BBC1 "Experimental" Radio show - Bristol: Rise Up Special.

The city has long been a serious contender for the UK capital of cutting edge music.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Rise Up!

Today we have two remixes of Henry & Louis's massive Bristolian anthem 'Rise Up' Featuring vocalist Steve Harper. The first remix is by DJ Pinch considered the unofficial king of the bristol dubstep scene, coming inna superb minimal stylee.

DJ Pinch Remix
Flynn & Flora Remix

2KR12 003

The other mix is from RSD; (AKA Rob Smith) Veteran dub producer and one half of Smith and Mighty with a full on Steppas skank, that just nails it for me. Both released on the 2kings label...Essential sound system fodder!

Dubnophobia Remix
RDS Remix

Sledgehead Bristol Remix

2KR12 004

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Yellow Tongue.

Remixed by Kode9 (AKA Steve Goodman) this track was originally on Lee "Scratch" Perry's album 'The Mighty Upsetter' featuring the vocal talents of Tunisian/French singer Samia Farah. Taking Perry's chatting over the rolling breaks, kode9 has delivered a melodic movement of dub with a skippy broken beat feel.....inna true dub style.....Quality!

Both tracks also featured on On U Sound`s "Rare & Unreleased: 17 Exclusive Tracks" download only compilation. A limited edition of 300 copies "PROMOTIONAL ONLY" is printed in yellow on the labels, even though they were openly sold.

Yellow Tongue
Yellow Tongue (version)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Rock It Tonight!

Another brand new tune this time from the US, the first vinyl release launching the Stupid Fly label . Roommate (AKA Justin McCuley) outta Frisco, Cali, who's other projects include "Babylon System" considers himself a bit of an animal...LOL!, The Bassist (AKA Vlad Gutierrez) a native of Portland, Oregon, have both been producing & djing on the emerging US dubstep scene for a while now....Here they collaborate on a wobbly heavy bass dubstep grind . It's the "Rock It Tonight" track that kills it for me, inna digidub stylee, thick & heavy dropping into old school drums,horns & licks to mash up & kick off the Dance anywhere.... Wicked stuff!

A.Rub A Dub
AA.Rock It Tonight

Friday, 3 July 2009

Jump Up!

As i via towards the more dub/reggae oriented side of the dubstep sound this is what`s to expect in the week ahead...So eyes down & get ready to skank.

First up is this brand new smasher of a summer anthem "Jump Up" brings Caper`s second offering after last year`s "Hybrid/Friction" on new label 10 Against One. The title track features Sweetie Irie on vocal duty and is a dubstep/bruk-beat/2step monster of a tune...The flipside features a bonus track "Nocturnal" which is on a much deeper dubstep sound..."Jump Up" will feature in a future "Way Of The Dub" mix....stay tuned!


A1.Jump Up
A2.Jump Up (dub)
B. Nocturnal

available on Juno

Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Dubstep Thang!

From today for a week we will delve into the world of DUBSTEP As some of you have heard & downloaded my "Way Of The Dub" mix series i always pepper the mix with some top dubstep tunes...emerging outta the cross cultural metropolis of London, the sound can only be described as a cross between dub reggae/2-step UK garage/Drum & Bass with bowel shaking heavy basslines

So here`s a nice little short docu/film of the scene between the UK & US to kick start our dubstep week..