Sunday, 31 May 2009

"Mountain and Water".

One of the good things about an economic recession is that people off-load all their quality old gear and sometimes some real bargains turn up...digging through a 2nd Street re-cycle store recently with my mate DJ mac-key we came across this vintage beauty sitting in the corner surrounded by other amps & speakers....After inquiring of the price, the old guy attending to us was trying desperately to convince us it wasn`t a good buy as it was too old..The japanese do make me laugh sometimes....yeah! it was old, 1978 to be precise and a second generation of the 07 Series of amplifiers of amazing quality and introduced the "Diamond Differential DC (DD/DC) Circuit" Apparently the quality of Sansui products declined in the 80`s, so its under the radar so to speak...A bit of on-line research later, and the next day the black beauty was offered a new loving home.

Frequency response DC ~ 500KHz, 100W + 100W into 8 Ohms within 0.008% (10Hz ~ 20KHz).

AU-D907 was sold at about ¥145.000 in `78 and purchased now for ¥15.000.

I`m just lovin` it

The history & meaning of sansui.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

I Miss Those Apples & Bees!

I haven`t yet blogged a Techno track or artist as such yet, but this is an exception to the rules...I remember this dropping into Atlas Records, the record shop i co-founded & owned back in the 9T`s in London`s, SoHo district and a copy was quickly snapped up and stashed in my personal cubby hole in the back of the shop...Most customers were interested in the more banging affairs on this 4 track Ep "Dream Not Of Today" released on the UK`s Peacefrog label, but it was the 2nd track on the B-Side that cut right through my soul.....From that Purveyor Of Fine Funk himself Dan Curtin. A native of Cleveland, Ohio who grew up with all the funkiness of hip-hop, new wave & electro sounds swirling around in his head. It`s no wonder he would produce a track of such groove and simplicity. With it`s vocal sample hanging in the air throughout, dragging me back to dancefloors past!....The latin percussion pulling me along for the ride and the spacey strings lifting me ever higher, this is one slice of techno soul that`s right up my street...Enjoy!

Anyone care to spot/comment on the vocal sample? Or is that too easy?

Dan Curtin - one evening at mrs. applebees

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Be Yourself!

The sun is out and shining all its vitamin D goodness down on me...I`m feeling light and still inna disco mood....So be yourself, you can`t be no nobody else, as the lyrics go on this endless percussive monster of a track from 1979 on the LA label AVI.....on the flip side was "welcome to the disco" that was available on Disco Spectrum 2 ....Enjoy!

Air Power - be yourself

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Rare Funktion.

So back from my little roadtrip and back into the`s a discofunk workout especially for my mate CV over there in Catalunya. He`s resident at Pacha in Sitges, so if your in the area drop in and dance your arse off to some quality disco-funk..

Disco Function - rare function (mp3 download)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Bamboo Child.

Some really great news, i was just informed by my dear friend top japanese MC & toaster Papa B, that he has become a Papa real for the first time.A big bouncing baby boy!..So a big bless up and congratulations to the three of, life & unity.
There`s many a sleepless nights await....LOL!

From Japanese Jazz fusion guitarist Ryo Kawasaki 1976 LP "Juice"
pitched up for little extra bass effect.
Ryo Kawasaki - bamboo child

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Alone in Tokyo!

Phillip Blooms film shot in the city in April/May 2008 is a beautiful short on how it is to be alone in a big city. with some stunning views and some sad faces. check it out! HD here....via jeansnow - The music is by Air called "Alone in Kyoto"

Here is Frenchman Marc Nguyen Tan AKA Colder with his lovely deep mellow dubby track called "one night in tokyo" this just jumped out at me when viewing the film. Lifted from the album "Again"

colder - one night in tokyo

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

mixtape - funkaphonix

Saturday I`m off on a little roadtrip for a week and i decided to knock up this jazznujazzdiscotasticdeepfunkyhouse mixtape for the journey...It`s inspired by the thought of driving along beautiful seacoast roads with the dusk sun setting and my mind taking in the stunning scenery of i thought I`d share with you, for all your roadtrips this summer...Njoy!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Talking Space!

I was invited to drop some tunes at a friends house party last monday, celebrating the start of "Golden Week" Japan`s longest holiday. Well it was the kind of party where not many people decided to turn up for some unknown reason and it kind of let us djocks loose to drop about anything we felt inspired too!
One such track was this...which a certain lovable character called M-rah, nearly wet himself over!...I didn`t tell him what it was, I know such bad form of me. But told him i would post it up here....hey we all need the blog hits!!

Anyway...this track has been an enduring love affair for me for so long and one of the most inspiring rare groovey tunes ever in my humble opinion.

Asha Puthli`s special gift is her sultry, four-octave soprano voice that has been described by scholar Niranjan Jhaveri in the following manner: "The ability to manipulate her voice and to introduce certain glissando effects embellishments and textures descend directly from Asha's training in the Indian classical idiom. Her improvisations are the envy of the best instrumental technicians in jazz."

Space Talk is lifted off her 1976 release "The devil is loose" on CBS records....enjoy!

Asha Puthli - space talk (mp3 download)

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Well!! what the hell is going on, the media hype over a flu that hasn`t caused as many deaths as maleria, suicides in japan or normal flu does inna year and the whole world is in panic mode...or is it just another hyped up bit of good bizniz for the vaccines companies and agribusinesses?

Anyway my take on it is, Lindon Roberts affectionately known around the world as Half Pint dropping his cracking tune "what`s going down"....enjoy!

Half Pint - what`s going down (mp3 download)