Sunday, 17 June 2012

Seven Steps For Better Listening Mix

Here's something that can keep the blues away if your country has left Euro2012 too early.
Created by dj and producer duo Sebo Sellout & Flow One, who have dished up a delicious chopped, looped, cut and paste mix of rare and hard-to-find records from all over the globe varying from scout troop flutes, psychedelic folk and exotic funk served up with amusing vocal clips in what they call a 'modern, multi-track break and sample mix' Apparently 12 months in the making this is the duo's  first mix together and well worth the wait in our opinion....Recommended and a D/L for pimping in ya wheels!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

I Feel...

 With the UK going bonkers this weekend over a certain Queen's jubilee here at mytea@om we will instead be celebrating the life of the far superior Queen of Disco, listening to her classic LP's, remixs & re-edits. One such gem was a single sided limited release back in '09 by Scottish producer  William Threlfall. A real hard to find piece of wax, fusing Donna vocals from 'I Feel Love' and Williams previously released  'The Shivering.'  Still one of the best remixes to date.