Monday, 22 December 2008

"The Way Of The Dub" Vol.3

As we all get busy over this time of year, i wanted to offer up Vol. 3 of TWOTD as a special little chrissy present from me to you. Hope you all enjoy it and play it over your holidays no matter where you are. I also wanted to thank you all for continuing to revisit the blog since we started and hopefully will continue to do so into 2009.

So big up yo`self.

Wishing you all a peaceful, loving and enjoyable holiday with your family & friends.
The things that really matter, life, love and unity!

crusher dub - vex'd
plan b version - dub terror all stars
shining dub - aswad
tense pon a bench - winston mcanuff
revolution solution dub - thievery corporation featuring perry farrell
life, love and unity - dreadzone
prophecy dub - selassie i rockers
police in helicopter - john holt & congo natty
rockers remix - matty g.
anambra dub - prince far-i
travelling version - all nation rockers feat roots
hooligan stew - junior delgado
far east - barry brown
words, sounds & dubwise - king tubby

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