Monday, 22 March 2010


As you can imagine with a new arrival in da house and her settling into her rhythm, i was a little busy over the weekend....and getting all mushy over her. Anyway enuff of my family bliss and back to some tune bliss!!

Kyle Hall's "The Perfekt Sin" 12" is only the second release on his own Wild Oats imprint and already the young man, he's only 18 is receiving much critical acclaim.. Schooled in the art of the deepest Detroit house tradition by mentors Rick Wilhite (Three Chairs) and Mike Huckaby, Hall’s productions look resolutely forward and refuse to be constrained by the established formulas of the genre. No matter what style of music he tries his hand at, he always leaves his own singular imprint..So good tings a gwan from the lad...A new production for hyperdub is coming soon well worth checking out.

A. Bsmnt City Anymle Kontrol - The Perfekt Sin
B1. Love Kontrol
B2. OatnOut

Available from juno

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