Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Luv ‘n Liv

Luv ‘n Liv is the new Ep from Dub Gabriel collaborating with the original jamaican toasting legend U-Roy.
Released on the 9th march on the destroyallconcepts label, they are giving away a free download of the ming vs. subatomic sound system hurry and get your free mp3 below.
All the tracks are wicked but it's the "timeblind" remix that's rockin' it for me..Niceee!

1. luv 'n liv
2. luv 'n liv (ming vs. subatomic sound system remix - free download)
3. luv 'n liv (lloop remix)
4. luv 'n liv (timeblind remix)
5. luv 'n liv ( dub gabriel roots rewind mix

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