Thursday, 25 June 2009

Wha him say?

Smiley`s big hit for the Saxon posse in 1984

"Cockney’s not a Language it is only a slang
And was originated inna England
The first place it was used was over East London
It was respect for the different style pronunciation
But it wasn’t really used by any and any man
Me say strictly con-man also the villain
But through me full up of lyrics and education
Right here now you a go get a little translation

Cockney have name like Terry, Arfur and Del Boy
We have name like Winston, Lloyd and Leroy
We bawl out YO! While cockneys say OI!
What cockney call a Jack’s we call a Blue Bwoy
Say cockney have mates while we have spar
Cockney live in a drum while we live in a yard
Say we get nyam while cockney got capture
Cockney say guv’nor. We say Big Bout here
In a de Cockney Translation!
In a de Cockney Translation"

Smiley Culture - cockney translation

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