Tuesday, 30 June 2009


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It was about that time i felt mytea@om paid homage to the absoulutley stunning vocal talents of one young lady from Germany by the name of BAJKA pronounce Biker. She has obviously been compared to a certain LADY DAY. I first came across her voice on the Bonobo LP "days to come" released on the UK`s Ninjatune label in 2006 and was immediately taken with her unique voice.

A bit of background.

"Bajka Pluwatsch is a poet and singer, currently based in Munich, Germany. Bajka is the daughter of J. Pluwatsch, a member of the German Krautrock band Embryo. She was born in India, and has lived in Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and South Africa. She attended schools in Goa, Bangalore, Lagos, Portugal, Seattle, Durban and Cape Town. Bajka studied music in Prague. Her relationship with Asia remains the main theme of her poetry. She has performed spoken word poetry on several projects, including Transglobal Underground's "Instinctive Traveller", Radio Citizen's "Radio City (feat. Bajka)", and South African Zulu Nation's "Bubblegum". She has also performed with Noujum Oazza and his band Urban Dervish, and for the Royal Moroccan Orchestra. In recent years, her role has moved from poet to singer. Her voice is described as jazz/soul and she has appeared on a number of chill out and electronic dance tracks".
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Here are 3 different tracks featuring Bajka.....enjoy!

Bonobo - between the lines (nostalgia 77 alternate unreleased mix)
(from 'One-Off`s - Remixes & B-sides' album, 2008/ Tru-Thoughts)

Aaron Jerome - way of life
(from 'Time To Rearrange' album, 2008 / BBE Music)

Eastenders - capitalism
(from 'Capitalism' 12 inch, 2008 / Poets Club)

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