Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Happy Sunshine Soul.

With the summer in full swing (well not for my pals down in NZ...don`t worry the Nabe sauce is on the way!) or here in Northern Japan for that matter. June so far as been a complete wash out, another BBQ cancelled on saturday and my fishing trip on sunday as well, damn when will the clouds break. So to cheer myself up I thought how about a bit of Happy Soul!

Dave "baby" Cortez and the moon people dropped this in 1968 no less on Speed records..a bit of a faster take on that Northern Soul classic by Archie Bell & the drells "Tighten Up".

"The Moon People were a group from New York, they were originally known as The Latin Blues Band. For their third album they were re-christened as Los Astronautas or for English speakers The Moon People. Their most popular track was originally called "(I'll Be A) Happy Man" featuring Luis Aviles and was released on their LP "Take A Trip Pussycat" (Speed 101) 1968. It was later released on their third LP "Land Of Love" (Speed 103) 1968 as "The Happy Soul". However, "The Happy Soul" was then edited and overdubbed with organ solos by Dave "Baby" Cortez and released as "Happy Soul (With A Hook)" by Dave Cortez With The Moon People. A few months later, in 1969, yet another re-edit of this track, this time titled "Hippy, Skippy, Moon Strut (Opus #1)" and credited simply to The Moon People, was released on Roulette."

Dave Cortez And The Moon People - happy soul (with a hook)

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