Thursday, 4 June 2009


This has just popped through the letter box this week and is an outstanding collaboration between MA ,the father of Ethio Jazz and The Heliocentrics collective, released on Strut Records for their Inspiration Information series.
If you have seen Jim Jarmusch`s film Broken Flowers....Mulatu contributed prominently to the soundtrack. Believe me, if your into jazz and you only buy one album this year it must be this!

Interview with Mulatu and The Heliocentrics. "Inspiration Information 3".

Mulatu of Ethiopia album recorded in 1972

2.Cha Cha

3.Addis Black Widow

5.Blue Nile

6.Esketa Dance

7.Chik Chikka
8.Live from Tigre Lounge

9.Chinese New Year
10.Phantom of the Panter


12.Fire in the Zoo

13.An Epic Story

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