Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Through Windows

Something that i downloaded earlier in the year and to be honest never got around to listening to, you know filed away never to be seen again..Until yesterday while trawling through the mytea@om archives, I came across this, from a young Dutch producer, Crookram (alias Chris Angelovski) an exceptional sample-master with a def touch with production and having no insistence on any particular style. His music has been made so colourful by using an unusually rich variety of downtempo, funk, hip hop, nu jazz elements and breakz, released simultaneously on the bankrupt recordings label and on budabeats netlabel. It is still available for free download All 18 tracks, so go get it!...great chill out material.

From the Bankrupt review;
" album that has been 5 years in the making in which musical genres like soul, funk, hiphop and library music have been combined with modern downtempo beats and movie samples. his ambition is to focus on atmosphere and moody vibes, something that's become quite uncommon in modern day music. you can expect scratchy records, mysterious movie samples and a great talent for production, elements which have been praised already by many people involved in the downtempo scene."

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