Saturday, 11 September 2010

Madness Subsides

By now I had got through about 22 LP's/CD's, sitting on my balcony havin' a cheeky roll-up and an ice cold sapporo beer, the ambiance was sent..From the first few bars I felt transfixed, tune of a summer sunset, madness subsides....Pekka Pohjola is arguably the greatest electric bass players in Europe and here in equally great company with Tomi Parkkonen - drum and percussion, Eero Koivistoinen - soprano & tenor sax., Pekka Pöyry - alto and soprano sax, Paroni Paakkunainen - alto,baritone sax & piccolo and Coste Apretea - guitar. The main bassline of this piece was beautifully sampled by DJ Shadow on "Midnight In A Perfect World" Niceness!


1. Alku (The Beginning)
2. Ensimmäinen aamu (The First Morning)
3. Huono sää / Se tanssii (Bad Weather / Bialoipokku Dances…)
4. ja näkee unta (Bialoipokku's War Dream)
5. Hereilläkin uni jatkuu (Bialoipokku's War)

6. Sekoilu seestyy (The Madness Subsides)

7. Elämä jatkuu (Life Goes On)
LRLP 118

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