Thursday, 9 September 2010

Danish Drive

Staying on the Scandinavian theme for another stand out cut from our marathon jazz session..Renowned US drummer Ed Thigpen who passed on earlier in the year with an infectious groovy bassline with his Danish "Action.Re.Action" group comprising of Palle Mikkleborg - Trumpet, Kjell Ohman - Electric & Acoustic Piano, Mads Vinding - Bass, Lennart Aberg - Saxes & Flute, Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro - Percussion and the Legendary congaman, Louis "SABU" Martinez...Wickeness!


A1. House of Poetsa)
(a)Le Matin(Palle Mikkelborg)
(b)Le Soir(Palle Mikkelborg)
(c)Who's kidding who?(Palle Mikkelborg)
2. Danish Drive(Mads Vinding)
B1. Action-re-action
(a)Illusions(Ed Thigpen)
(b) Adventures of a duck with friends(Ed Thigpen)
(c)Action-re-action(Ed Thigpen-Palle Mikkelborg)

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