Friday, 6 November 2009

Definitely Not Forgotten!

Another little break taken here at mytea@om, many things had to be organised before the long winter hibernation that is life here in these northern climes of Nippon...Also its good to take a back seat once in a while and evaluate everything with fresh enthusiasm...Hope you all didn"t miss it too much!

I had become a wee bit nostalgic while away, crawling thru some dusty old classics and came across this gem from the early 90`s...From the boys that defined progressiveness. The Professor (Neal Barnes) and Pauly D, AKA LEFTFIELD. It has and always will be one of my greatest pleasures to have known them personally....They even helped us out when I and 2 co-founders started our own independent dance record shop around the same period....(big respex always to you boys)
This track was caned back then and could still get an airing today and give you goose bumbs!...Released on the Outer Rhythm label......enjoy!


A. Not Forgotten (6:40
B1.Not Forgotten (Fateh's On The Case) (6:13)
B2.Not Forgotten (Dub) (4:48)

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