Thursday, 19 November 2009

I Am Your Mind

(artwork reproduced with kind permission from HVW8)
(all rights reserved)

I normally don`t like reworkings of my favorite jazz/funk artist the legendary vibraphone player Roy Ayers...but "I am Your Mind" by Parisian DJ/producer/remixer Pépé Bradock is an exception. Here his recontexualisation of the original piece of music with his own special style of subtle tweaking of the electronic knobs brings a sparkling brew of rhythm that invokes feelings of swaying through fields of sunflowers listening to that spiritual voice in your mind harmonising together, wanting to be your friend, wanting to be free, just listen to me.

Lifted from his unique collection of his finest remixes from the past decade, Pépé Bradock`s "Confiote De Bits/A Remix Collection" on bbe is an essential dose of music to have in one`s record box...Njoy!

Roy Ayers - I Am Your Mind (Pépé Bradock's Asynchronous Adventures)

A big respex goes out to the HVW8 guys, check out their Gallery, Music Releases and Podcast.

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