Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Just Groove!

After a little interruption in space & time, we`re back in the groove.

And this post is dedicated to my man down TKO way YAMASAN who`s moving into a new positive direction for his life........respex bro`

Lifted from his Capitol Records 1978 LP "New Warrior" but also released as a 7" promo..."groove, (aint no doubt about it)" is one of those tunes that used to rock the old london warehouse parties in the 8T`s..
As well as Keyboardist Lyle the LP was produced by Wayne Henderson and included a top A-list of players - Harvey Mason, Sunship, Paulinho Da Costa, Roland Bautista, Joe Blocker, Nathaniel Philips, David T. Walker and Michael Boddicker, plus background vocals by Ron Banks, Gregory Matta, Augie Johnson, Jim Gilstrap, Vance Tenort, Alexandra Brown, Angela Winbush, Martinette Jenkins and Stephanie Spruill...Pheww!

Bobby Lyle - groove (ain`t no doubt about it)

"New Warrior,
reflect on the past, acknowledge the present and move forward with faith, helping to create tomorrow - that your song may be both a balm to a troubled world, and an inspiration to future warriors who will inherit your legacy."

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