Saturday, 30 May 2009

I Miss Those Apples & Bees!

I haven`t yet blogged a Techno track or artist as such yet, but this is an exception to the rules...I remember this dropping into Atlas Records, the record shop i co-founded & owned back in the 9T`s in London`s, SoHo district and a copy was quickly snapped up and stashed in my personal cubby hole in the back of the shop...Most customers were interested in the more banging affairs on this 4 track Ep "Dream Not Of Today" released on the UK`s Peacefrog label, but it was the 2nd track on the B-Side that cut right through my soul.....From that Purveyor Of Fine Funk himself Dan Curtin. A native of Cleveland, Ohio who grew up with all the funkiness of hip-hop, new wave & electro sounds swirling around in his head. It`s no wonder he would produce a track of such groove and simplicity. With it`s vocal sample hanging in the air throughout, dragging me back to dancefloors past!....The latin percussion pulling me along for the ride and the spacey strings lifting me ever higher, this is one slice of techno soul that`s right up my street...Enjoy!

Anyone care to spot/comment on the vocal sample? Or is that too easy?

Dan Curtin - one evening at mrs. applebees

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