Sunday, 31 May 2009

"Mountain and Water".

One of the good things about an economic recession is that people off-load all their quality old gear and sometimes some real bargains turn up...digging through a 2nd Street re-cycle store recently with my mate DJ mac-key we came across this vintage beauty sitting in the corner surrounded by other amps & speakers....After inquiring of the price, the old guy attending to us was trying desperately to convince us it wasn`t a good buy as it was too old..The japanese do make me laugh sometimes....yeah! it was old, 1978 to be precise and a second generation of the 07 Series of amplifiers of amazing quality and introduced the "Diamond Differential DC (DD/DC) Circuit" Apparently the quality of Sansui products declined in the 80`s, so its under the radar so to speak...A bit of on-line research later, and the next day the black beauty was offered a new loving home.

Frequency response DC ~ 500KHz, 100W + 100W into 8 Ohms within 0.008% (10Hz ~ 20KHz).

AU-D907 was sold at about ¥145.000 in `78 and purchased now for ¥15.000.

I`m just lovin` it

The history & meaning of sansui.

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