Thursday, 29 July 2010

I_Skream U_Skream

As both of dubsteps leading dj/producers have landed on these shores for this weekends UNIT club - Tokyo`s 6th Anniversary party and before Skream releases his second album, "Outside the Box" on August 9, he has been very generous in offering up not 1 but 3 volumes of Freeizm tunes...Download them here...Freeizm Vol.1 - Vol.2 - and the latest installment Vol.3 Niceeee! Just such a shame i won`t be able to catch them @ Unit as i`m at the Beach spinning on saturday nite....Should be a great show, if ya in Tokyo...reach there!

Just heard Benga can't be in TKO tomorrow night the guy has lost his!


SAHIB said...

hey BENGA doesn't come.
Because he scared my kick !!!! hahahaha

he lost his passport!!!!!

KB, said...

thank f%%k i didn't spend 150 quid on a flight down then...sure icecream wil tear it up!