Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Book `em

Loving this album right now from sample-twisting virtuosos The Books. Just released on Temporary Residence Limited. Dropping the track 'Thirty Incoming'.

Pitchforks review...."The Books have a terrific sense of humor-- and it makes The Way Out, an album built on eccentric vocal samples, a good-natured discovery instead of a cheap piece of mockery. Imagine if a blog had posted these clips of goofball hypnotherapist and meditation consultants, or found a tape of a boy and a girl swapping violent threats with each other: You'd chuckle and move on. But when the Books use these samples, they give them integrity. You find yourself engrossed with people who are alien but also familiar. The flotsam and jetsam of American culture aren't a cheap joke to the Books, but a source of endless discovery and joy". Read More...

1. Group Autogenics I
3. I Didn't Know That
4. A Cold Freezin' Night
5. Beautiful People
6. I Am Who I Am
7. Chain of Missing Links
8. All You Need Is A Wall
9. Thirty Incoming
10. A Wonderful Phrase By Gandhi
11. We Bought The Flood
12. The Story of Hip Hop
13. Free Translator
14. Group Autogenics II

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