Sunday, 31 January 2010


Well it`s been very hectic round these parts the last days and just haven`t had the time to blog up recently...January has seen us looking at some quality brand new muzik and we got a few more to check out....Kieron Hebden aka Four Tet comes roaring back after a 5 year hiatus from his previously released album "Everything Ecstatic" in `05. Released last week on Domino records,"There Is Love in You" is a 9 track LP of sublime sonic inspiration, taking his cues from old obscure jazz sounds to the newer beats of UK club grooves from dancefloor to downtempo...Here he delivers a beautifully crafted 4/4 house groove with intones of spiritual chanting vocals.... right up my strata east!.....enjoy!!

1. Angel Echoes
2. Love Cry
3. Circling
4. Pablo's Heart
5. Sing
6. This Unfolds
8. Plastic People
9. She Just Likes to Fight

A look at the making of the artwork for the new album (japanese only)

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