Saturday, 9 January 2010

Elbow to Elbow

John Carraro's wall at the Roosevelt:pic courtesy of waxpoetics

While browsing a few online music mags the other day i came across this story of a recently departed New York record dealer and felt i must re-share it on here so as to get another side of the story about digging around for great music.

Create digging at the Roosevelt by John Carraro.

An eye opening story of a infamous record dealer at New York’s legendary record fairs that were held at Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel located at E. 45th Street in the 8T's, who came to influence a whole generation of music producers, especially the Hip-Hop community.

"This is the tale of a convention where for a few sacred seasons, a certain magic was in the air as dreams were realized and friendships made. The Roosevelt was much more than just a big room filled with people looking for what they wanted. It was a show that for a few seasons actually helped to influence people’s lives and the music that some would create. So let us wind up our metronomes and begin with how it all came to fruition." Read On

part 2
part 3
part 4

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