Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Disco Files 1973-1978

Those lovable rogues over at, Bill & Frank have just published a great new book by Vince Aletti, who was the first music journalist to write about Disco music in an article he penned called "Discotheque Rock '72 Paaaaarty" for Rolling Stone magazine in 1973. The Book apparently was inspired by an exhibition Vince had at White Colums in New York, called Disco files hence the title. The exhibition covered Vince`s limited edition 400 page collection of his Record World columns from Between 1974 and 1978. Also included is 800 contemporary club charts by the top US disco dj`s of the time, by the likes of Larry Levan, Tee Scott, Nicky Siano, Dave Mancuso to name just a few.

As a definitive history of disco, this is a must read.
You can order the book & included is a CD mix of Vince Aletti`s underground disco mix from 1978 direct from
There is also a PDF file for you to check out the book.

See Disco`s Not Dead

Brick - dazz (mp3 download)

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