Friday, 16 January 2009

Life On Mars!

So news that scientists have made an important discovery, finding methane (you know the stuff that comes outta cows arses) in Mars atmosphere has raised the possibility that some kind of organic life might have existed, or still does on the planet....Wow!..Dexter Gilman Wansel was right all along.

'Life On Mars' was Dexter Wansell`s first LP on Gamble & Huff`s hugely influential Philadelphia international label, released in the summer 1976, the titled track was a BIG tune on the London jazz-funk dancefloors at the time and is still considered a floor filler at clubs today. The combination of fat thumping bass lines, spacey elastic lead guitar, atmospheric soul vocals and loads and loads of spatial keyboard work on the rhodes and moogs, just can`t stop people from moving their bodies to it!......with backing from Instant Funk

Dexter also wrote compositions and arrangements for the likes of...Jean Carne, The O`Jays, MFSB, Teddy Pendergrass, The Jones Girls & The Jackson`s as well as many others. Here lifted from the same LP is this cracking track. Again the backing played by Instant funk.

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