Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Beyond Boundaries!

With a heavy heart i post this as the humanitarian tragedy continues in the middle-east...I`m not getting into the rights and wrongs of what`s happening in Gaza at the moment but in my eyes. A child in Sderot is the same as a child in Gaza, and anyone who harms either is not human.

Just listen to the lyrics of this tune and you`ll get where I`m coming from!

"Boundaries, terrortorial disputes, talking about boundaries when we`re talking about absolutes, when people lose their faces and preoccupied with races...this land is my land, this land is your land, but it was their land first, who`s world is it anyway...it`s easier to hate and not tolerate, In the name of the earth, the people die and babies cry, we find out why or live a lie....Makes me wanna holla , throw up both my hands"

(A word of warning the video contains some gruesome images, for those that prefer not to watch such images it would be better just to listen to the audio)

Leena Conquest - 'boundaries'(mp3 download)

The original sampled track....from AWB`s 1979 'Feel No Fret' album.

Average White Band - 'stop the rain' (mp3 download)

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