Monday, 17 November 2008

Me & A Friend!

Well last night was the first time i got behind the decks, well CDJ`s in about 4 years and the feeling was so liberating. It was an event put on by a friend DJ mac-key at a great little Loft style room above an asian food establishment called "Magia" The vibe was excellent with a great little crowd into all the music dropped by the DJ`s akira, m-rah and mac-key..but the highlight of the evening was the live show half way through the evening by the guys who go by the name of C4 Blues Poem In The Bosom..a tech-jazz, afro-ambient floetry combo that divided the evening with some fantastic spiritual vibes...So this goes out especially to those guys, hope we can do it again soon.

C4 Blues Poem In The Bosom - LIVE

Wanda Robinson today known as Laini Mataka, is a 'jazz-poet' who released 2 LPs on Perception Records. In 1973, Wanda Released her second and last LP 'Me And A Friend'

Wanda Robinson - "because they envy us"

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