Friday, 19 September 2008

Money Meltdown!

What the hell is going on?

People think that a banking or stock market collapse must be bad for everybody, but it`s not. If you know a stock collapse is coming (because you are going to cause it!!) then you sell at the highest price, crash the market, and buy back at a few pence on the pound. In this way, those who cause the crash can end up with vastly more stock, and thus financial power, than they had before the ‘crisis’ and they pay comparatively little to secure it. The certain influential bankers have famously, or infamously, used this technique endless times and they are doing so again today.

The thing to remember about banks, as with the business and financial world in general, is that there may be many names above the doors, but there are far fewer ultimate owners and manipulators. If you go high enough, at least most of them are called the same family names. So when public and media commentators talk about a terrible time for the banking industry they miss the point. Of course, it is bad for those who lose their savings, can`t buy a home,or lose their jobs. But that, to those without access to empathy like the Banking dynasty, couldn`t give a toss about you.

The Banking families, and their associated network of cronies, own the system – The Game - and however that system may re-adjust and re-structure itself from time to time The Game is still owned by them.

For example, Merrill Lynch may have failed, but it has been absorbed by the Bank of America, a bank owned by one banking family, if you follow the trail of hidden ownership, and so The Game just goes on under different, and fewer Banking family names. Lehman Brothers may have collapsed, but the vultures, like Barclays in Britain, are circling the corpse to seize the most profitable assets and the Game goes on. If you "Own The Game", you always win because you make the rules under which it is played.

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