Sunday, 28 September 2008

"Dance To The Drummers Beat"

Herman Kelly & Life were a short-lived funk group in the `70`s who had releases on the Miami based labels TK Disco and Electric Cat. In 1978 they released a track called "Dance To The Drummer's Beat" From his album "Percussion Explosion"

It is probably after the track "Apache" by Incredible Bongo Band, one of the most sampled drum tunes of all time, mainly by the hip hop community, including artists; 2 Live Crew "Megamixx", DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince " Live at Union Square" & "Magnificent Jazzy Jeff", NWA "Dopeman", Brownstone "Lets Get It Started", Rodney O & Joe Cooley "Yeah Boy", Richie Rich "(My DJ) Pump it Up", 2 Hyped Bros "A Dog "Doo Doo Brown".

It has also appeared on the breakbeat compilations "Ultimate Breaks and Beats"

A1. Dance To The Drummer's Beat (5:09)
A2. Time After Time (4:38)
A3. A Refreshing Love (6:40)
B1. Who's The Funky D.J. ? (8:34)
B2. Share Your Love (3:30)
B3. Do The Handbone (3:40)

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