Friday, 1 August 2008

Where did this come from?

Hello, g`day, konnichiwa, ciao, as salam alkum ....So here it is at last...I had been thinking, you know the kind that takes a while about starting my own Music/Vid/Gob Blog, but just hadn't found the inclination (laziness) or time...But that's all a changing in the wind.

I must say a big thank you to a friend of mine who without doubt has inspired me to indulge in the world of the bloggosphere, his name is Jez over at Innersounds... respexx my man,although his blog has passed on now show some love on his twitter page;

I will be dropping some tunage on you from time to time, some life stories, thoughts and perspectives of my life past and present!


Hit it up Selecta!

Stanley Cowell - "Travelin' Man"

From the 1976 LP "Regeneration" with Marion Brown (wooden flute), Stanley Cowell (mbire), Charles Fowlkes (vocals),Jimmy Heath (flute), Billy Higgins (miscellaneous percussion), Kareema (vocals), Bill Lee (acoustic bass), Nadi Quamar (mamalekimbe).

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