Friday, 9 December 2011

Global Rotation

A delicious double mix of an unreleased compilation mix CD that never saw the light of day due to unforeseen circumstances the release was shelved until now! The Global Cowboy, DJ Pathaan as you will know from our posts of his World Peace Mix and his Ibiza Playlist mix is an old cohort of this blog and has just uploaded these mixes so we can all enjoy what we originally missed..The first mix would have been CD1 and entitled 'Love Throughout The World' and the second mix CD2 would have been entitled 'Dancing To A Different Drum’. On these mixes he perfectly showcases his early musical stylings prior to 9.11, When he had a monthly residency in NYC for 2 years...Originally to have been released on Danish label Music For Dreams. Quality music from a pioneering DJ....Enjoy!

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