Monday, 28 March 2011

World Peace Mix

As another 6.5 Earthjolt hits Japan this morning over breakfast and a blogpost, it's a good time to let you know about an old cohort of mine who has just dropped an Xclusive mix from back in 2002 on GenBass. I first meet Pathaan when he used to come into my record shop and bug me silly for new tunes with his unmistakable signature of world globetronic sounds that set off a very dear friendship with him. Together we started a club night AUDIO SUTRA @ the famous central LDN cavern called Bar Rhumba in the late '90's, with such legends of the dance music scene as Pressure Drop, Howie B, Paul Daley (leftfield), Tsuyoshi Suzuki & record shop co-founder Pete Herbert.

Pathaan says about the mix;

I’m not a politician but am human and sickened by the current world affairs.......... During a time of religious conflict, war, oppression, famine and racism etc etc, can music change & influence man ? I BELIEVE IT CAN !!! So here begins a story I feel I must share and a mix for you to download. Just under a decade ago, as a mark of respect and to acknowledge in my own way the 1st anniversary of 9/11, this was a 'Stoned Asia Music' priority release in Sept' 2002 that was never released in this form. The reason being, a few of the distributors felt nervous about the tracklisting especially the 1st track and the point I was trying to make through the music !!

So sit back and allow me to take you, back to the future’ on one of my musical voyages around the globe – From September 2002, 15 EXCLUSIVE & HARD TO FIND tranquil productions from artists around the globe....Smiles & Hugs !!! Pathaan x

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