Friday, 26 August 2011

Zion (2001)

Pic courtesy of Big Chill

Hold tight, hold tight the mad hatter from deepest norf lundun Danny Natives a top bod producer who we really dig at mytea@om HQ (even though he is a gooner) will drop his follow up to 'Tenement Yard Vol.1 in a few weeks on his own imprint eye4eye for now a little track he dropped on his soundcloud few months back from 2001....getting ya tasty for Volume.2.

Tracklist for 'Tenement Yard Vol.2
1. Loved by Few
2. Galactic
3. Earthlings
4. Illuminate
5. Shake That feat. ESP
6. Die 4 U
7. My Game My Rules
8. Wasteman of Love
9. Friends & Lovers
10. Burnout
11. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Eventide Astral
12. Indigo Dream
13. Womb
14. Can’t Trust Myself to Love You
15. Legendary Suffering

Available on ey4eye recordings

Altered Natives Xlr8r podcast

Some free stuff
Altered Natives – A History of Silence (19 track zip)

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