Saturday, 28 August 2010

Pleaze mugwanti

Well just couldn't resist this after indulging in the traditional japanese Bon Odori festivities last week and taking in the rhythms of the TAIKO drums. Lifted from the kwaito house LP 'Ayobaness-The Sound of South African House', showcasing the South African production styles of Pastor Mbhobho, Aero Manyelo, DJ Steavy and on this tune by DJ Mujava. Out Here Records put the best 4 tracks on an EP, with this infectious brukbeat roller 'Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje' the stand out cut that found it's way into many global dj set's, the most notable being Kode9's mix for DJ-Kicks. Loving it up large... Killer!


1.Pastor Mbhobho : Ayobaness
2.DJ Mujava : Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje
3.Aero Manyelo : Just In Time
4.DJ Steavy : Ungazocala

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