Saturday, 6 February 2010

Coming From A Broken Home!

It`s finally about to drop "I'm New Here" The stunning new project that's taken four years to complete - since XLrecordings boss Richard Russell found Gil residing at Rikers Island prison and offered to produce a new album...15 years since his last recorded studio LP, Gil returns with a contemporary masterpiece taking in many genres of sonic beats from hip-hop grooves to dark dubstep all wrapped around Gil`s unmistakably and irresistibly melancholic poetic tones.

Here i've used the 2 tracks "coming from a broken home pt1 & 2" and mixed them together to get the full effect of the poetry of the song in its entirety, a love letter to the grandmother who raised him.

GSH - coming from a broken home pt1 & 2 (mixed by mytea@om)

Hear the entire LP below.

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