Saturday, 18 July 2009

Funky Film Soundtracks #4

As we have been delving into the funky soundtracks of 7T's
blaxploitation movies on here, word reaches mytea@om that the UK's Soul Jazz records massive will soon release a double CD/vinyl compilation titled Can You Dig it? "The Music and Politics of Black Action Films 1969-75" . Will post something about it later, but here we continue with the classic kung-fu movie starring bad-boy Jim 'Enter The Dragon' Kelly and Gloria Hendry.

This soundtrack is really one you should try and obtain a copy of, It has loads of amazing dialogue and fight sound effects woven into the funky instrumentals - The killer main theme track featured here with the sound effects version that always brings a smile to my face. A perfect soundtrack in my opinon!

Dennis Coffey The funky guitar genius composed and conducted the soundtrack alongside Luchi De Jesus. Originally released on the Weintraub-Heller label 1974.

Main Theme.

Main Theme (version 2) with the fight effects.

1. Main Theme
2. Sydney's Theme
3. Opening Theme
4. Main Theme (version 2)
5. At The Beach
6. Symphony for Jones: (Warehouse Battle/Pinky/Collectors Theme/
Drug Monkey/Wrong Answer)
7. Drama
8. Mafia Theme (Drama Part 2)
9. Love Theme
10. Battle Theme
11. Dragon Style
12. Sexy (Love Theme Part 2)
13. Mr Jones
14. Excerpts: (Don't Stop/One Two (Dialogue)/Come on In (Dialogue)/Papa Bird/ Turn Her Out/The Money Pinky/Stay/Double Cross)
15. Super Slick (Get Pinky)

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