Sunday, 12 April 2009

Funky Film Soundtracks # 2

Lifted from the 1977 soundtrack album of the obscure blaxploitation martial arts film directed by Timothy Galfas & Richard Kaye . The original working title was to be "The Black Streetfighter" and the tagline was "The Big Bad Black Dude of the Streets... He'll bust you up, slam you down and blast you into pieces!" starring Richard Lawson in the lead.
You can see the whole film HERE.

The soundtrack is a mixture of poor quality disco tracks but has some great late 70s funky instrumentals, However the album has a quite raw feel to it that is sure to please the groove afficinados amongst you...Enjoy!

Art & Ron - i`m your man (mp3 download)

1. Humphrey's Overture - Paul Humphrey
2. Same Thing Happens - Jesse James
3. Here I Go Again - Velvet Fire
4. She Said Hell No! - Art & Ron
5. I'm Your Man's Helping Hand - Sam & Jus'Us
6. L.A. Gray - Geraldine Kaye
7. Can't Stop Talkin' - Art & Ron
8. I'm Your Man - Art & Ron
9. Leroy - Sam Shabrin
10. Let's Do It Again - Denise Gordy
11. Pearlie Gates - Bishop Mounger

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