Friday, 6 February 2009

Stories Of Jungle Fever.

Well not exactly...Although i could elaborate on catching amoebic dystenry in India but i`ll refrain from that loose story for now....It is the names of two fine mid-tempo funky tracks by a band called Chakachas or Los Chakachas, as they generally played Cha-Cha, Salsa and Bossanova....The studio based band all came from Belgium and included Tito Puente's singer wife Kari Kenton...It was`t until the early 8T`s that i eventually found an original french/belgian "biram" label copy of "Stories" at a weekend Easter bank holiday flea market in Amsterdam, (That city was a religious pilgrimage every Easter for us in those days!) brought for the princely sum of 15 gilders!!..."Jungle Fever" sounded like the stuff you heard from 7T`s pornographic movies due to the heavy breathing sounds of female pleasure. Stories on the other hand is much rarer to find than Jungle Fever with a slightly more latin groove and whispering vocals...Although both tracks sound similar with that stop/start feel, they both actually stand alone as wicked tunes , but i`ll leave it up to you to decide which is best!

Jungle fever became the only hit for the band in '72 released on Polydor records. Because of the sexy murmerings it eventually lead the UK`s BBC to ban the record. It was also included on the soundtrack for the film "Boogie Nights"

Stories has been selected on a number of compilations, "Funk Jams IV", the Italian released "Mood Mosaic" and Soul Jazz Records "Barrio Nuevo" it also got a bootleg release in the 9T`s on the Rare Funk vol.2 compilation.

And for an added bonus here is Cynthia Richards one of the queens of jamaican reggae with her 1974 jamrock version. Avalilable on the Trojan 35th Anniversary Box Set.

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