Friday, 14 November 2014

Dub Store Sampler Vol One

It's been a while...You know what women are like about sharing the baby duties!
Sorry Ladies..Anyway the always prolific Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall reissue label outta TKO, Japan.  DubStore have recently offered up a great old-school roots reggae sampler from their archives for 3ree or name your own price if fancy dropping some coinage for the tunage....Well it worth it in my humble opinion.


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ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia said...

Well if we're talking about 'coinage' have you heard about the 2 x 2 malt extract oat flour savory biscuits. They are wonderful with lemon and garlic butter. Ideal for helping the children to absorb their B12 and increase the power of their immune systems.

You are not only a brilliant DJ and a discoverer and presenter of awesome music. You are a truly awesome cook! Your nephew is also becoming a great cook and inventive. You will also be pleased to hear that he is training to become a teacher of children.

Finally a breakthrough in his first saturn return. Just like his uncle - life experience first - then putting it into practice. You the Londoner that empowered others to be and live who they were born to be.

You that delivered and created miracles for others to ensure that they reached their potential.

You are much more than you know brother - as I once shared with you.

Maybe - just maybe - its time for you to truly show the people all of your capabilities. Stop being so humble - and heal the dough. Give your healing to the children of your nations. Knead the bread - show them why it is very important for peace and well-being.

Love beyond measure to all of the family. Always in my heart

Love to you all and blessings from heaven to you all.