Wednesday, 28 November 2012

On The Run

I’m keeping all the scars you gave me
 I show them to you indirectly
 I’m scratching at the pain within
 Let me show you how the world begins
 I’m so terrified of losing you
 I may be a prophet but I need a clue
 I’ve walked the earth my feet dark with dust
 Is there anything we can trust?
 I’ve been dreaming of a wonderful life
 Live in peace with a child and a beautiful wife
 But life’s a liar baby, life’s a cheat
 Making promises it cannot keep
 I’ve seen the promise, man I’ve seen a light
 I've been breathing in my freedom after such a long fight
 But I’ve been damaged by the damage done
 Now I’m living out my life like I’m on the run..

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