Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let’s Make It Deeper

Looking forward to this debut LP from young house music upstart from Suffolk,UK. Gerry Read who's quietly been building a reputation for himself with his deep damaged take on the genre...Available from Fourth Wave a sub-label of RAMPrecordings on November 13th entitled "Jummy" with 13 original tracks,  if this jazzy sub-bass driven groove is anything to go by should be worth the wait!!!


1. Four Miles 
2. Evidence 
3. Give Myself To You 
4. Be Pushin (She) 
5. Moving Forward 
6. Crawl 
7. Idiot 
8. Turn 
9. Purple Fire 
10. Gibbon 
11. Let’s Make It Deeper 
12. Make A Move 
13. Sidecar

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