Monday, 2 July 2012

I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

Following on from the great tradition of Ethiopian jazz legend Mulatu Astatke
comes an amazing young pianist Samuel Yirga with an equally amazing story to tell.
Hot off the press this week and released thru REAL WORLD records, 'Guzo' (which means “journey” in Amharic) is Yirga's debut LP but his second release to date after last years solo release called 'Hager' and continues his journey thru jazz, funk, latin fusing with the traditional musical of Ethiopia and Ethiojazz...Taken from the LP is his re-working of The Rotary Connection's psychedelic soul classic which features guest vocalists The Creole Choir of Cuba, Nicolette (nigerian-british singer, famous for her collaborations with massive attack) and Mel Gara (another british singer whose origins are in iraq) This is one hell of an LP and sure to be a lot more to come from this emerging talent...This track is available for D/L HERE.


1.Abet AbeT
3.Ferma Ena Wereket
4.Ye Bati Koyita
5.Nou Se Soleil/I am the Black Gold of the Sun
6.Dance With the Legend
7.My Head
8.Drop Me There
9.The Blues of Wollo
10.African Diaspora (bonus track)

Available on July 9th from Womadshop

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