Saturday, 28 May 2011

JAZZ (2001) Ken Burns

A virtuoso performance by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns from 2001, JAZZ celebrates the music of America - from blues and ragtime to swing, bebop and fusion. The 19 hour series was created from over 500 musical selections, 75 interviews, 2400 stills and more than 2000 film clips. A MUST WATCH fine history of JAZZ.

Ep1 - "Gumbo"/Beginnings to 1917

Ep2 - "The Gift"/1917-1924

Ep3 - "Our Language"/1924 -1929
Ep4 - "The True Welcome"/1929-1935

Ep5 - "Swing: Pure Pleasure"/1935-1937

Ep6 - "Swing: The Velocity of Celebration"/1937-1939

Ep7 - "Dedicated to Chaos"/1940-1945

Ep8 - "Risk"/1945-1955

Ep9 - "The Adventure"/1956-1960
Ep10 - "A Masterpiece by Midnight"/1961 to present

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