Friday, 11 December 2009


Back in 2001 (before i moved over here,) I came to Japan at the request of the Audio Sutra record label (can`t believe it`s nearly 10 years already) who had organised a 5 city "make love not war tour" taking in Tokyo/Hiroshima/Kumamoto/Okinawa/Sapporo...During that tour there was one beautiful piece of sublime wax that was undoubtedly the "tune of the tour"

Dropped into the mix by that prodigious DJ/Producer Ian Simmonds who accompanied and headlined the tour. Stacey Pullen`s "Vertigo" a tune once heard loud over a quality sound system, bristled your emotional responses big-time. With the angelic-style female vocals over a deep bruken beat & hypnotic landscape of strings, the resulting sonic soundscape is powerful yet delicate.
(Pullen's claim that it reduced one listener to tears in the studio)
Is something i can attest to, i saw many a watery eye on that tour after this tune was dropped.

(big props to my man @ innersounds who dug up a copy for me)

Stacey Pullen - Vertigo

A. Vertigo
B. Vertigo (4 Hero Remix)

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